Enhancing Beauty at Any Age

I feel strongly that creating the proper facial shape and accentuating one’s eyes are most often the cornerstones of creating a more youthful look. However, to create a more beautiful face, not necessarily a more youthful appearance, proper facial shape and captivating eyes are also paramount.
For those younger patients who are looking to enhance their facial appearance, the aspects of facial shape I most often focus on are improving left and right facial symmetry, visually connecting the lower eyelid and the cheek (which improves the “tired” look so many of my patients complain of) and creating a smooth cheek with an idealized, gender appropriate cheek highlight. For a woman, the cheek should be most prominent laterally, with a shape referred to as the ogee curve: a term taken from architecture that is defined as a double curve shaped somewhat like an “S”. For men, the cheek highlight is not as lateral and is a bit lower than for a woman, without a distinct ogee curve. I accomplish these changes with injectable facial fillers, which allow me to artistically alter facial shape in a safe and predictable manner, with long lasting results.
To complement an improved facial shape, creating a more open-eyed appearance using upper lid blepharoplasty makes a face more captivating. Following the procedure, many of my patients can expect 25 to 30 years of improvement. Now that is real value! Perhaps best of all, the procedure is done in the office using local anesthesia and an oral relaxation medication. This makes the entire experience easy to have done, more affordable, and easy to recover from.
For those younger patients who are on-the-go, balancing work and the demands of raising a family, enhancing one’s appearance (with facial fillers and when necessary an eyelid procedure) can be done all in the same day, which translates into looking great with minimum downtime.
Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS