Yes You CAN: Confidence



I am pleased to say I just celebrated my 8thAnniversary as the Founder & Director of Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center (MFP), in partnership with Marietta Dermatology Associates (MDA). In concert with this milestone, our practice has been helping more people than ever look and feel their best. As I have said before, we are in the confidence business and based on the number of smiles from our patients and the beautiful words of gratitude we have been hearing, I know we are delivering on that front.

In keeping with our goal of optimizing our patients’ experience when visiting our practices, we held a joint educational day this past Saturday for all of the ancillary staff from both MFP & MDA. The goal of the training was to empower our teams with the knowledge, techniques, and personal life skills to make our patients’ experiences the very best they can be. In a time when you, our patients, have so many practice choices for your aesthetic and dermatology needs, we are grateful for your patronage and want to let you know that we are committed to delivering excellent care in a patient-centric environment that continuously strives to improve.

In addition to both surgical and non-surgical (Injecta-Lift) aesthetic services, aesthetic skincare services, customized skincare products, laser treatments, CoolSculpting and, dermatology, we have an on-site pharmacy dispensary for your convenience and an active research division that offers clinical trials to test the latest medical treatments for a variety of difficult skin conditions. If you have a skin issue that is not well controlled with standard therapy, please call us to see if you qualify for one of our ongoing studies.

As many of you are aware, we launched an aesthetic satellite office in West Cobb on Dallas Highway at the end of 2018. Last week we had an official ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new office. I am pleased to announce that it has already proven to be a success. Our team is busy and stands ready to serve. If this location is convenient for you, please consider making an appointment. However, if you are seeking my services, note that I only see patients at our flagship office in Marietta.

Recently, there have been 2 new skin care products that are in categories all their own and I am excited to say that we are the first practice in Georgia to have access to them. In fact, one of the products was just introduced to the country at the latest American Academy  of Dermatology meeting last week. The first is a skin stem cell stimulant that I spoke about last month and the latest is a skin estrogen receptor stimulator that reverses the loss of collagen, elastin and esters in the skin, the chemical building blocks of fatty acids which keep skin soft and supple, for use in peri- and post-menopausal women. However, this topical treatment does not cause estrogen levels to rise in the body as it is totally metabolized in the skin, which makes it safe for all women regardless of any medical condition in which estrogen supplements are prohibited. This is a game changer that will help keep a woman’s skin feeling and looking younger and more luminous.

I am also investigating a new technology that effectively tightens skin of any shade and improves its elasticity, making the skin feel more youthful with less than 1 week of swelling and no peeling or redness! It can tighten skin anywhere but has been shown to be most effective in the face, neck, abdomen and legs, so stay tuned.

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center