New Year, New Opportunities

New year, new opportunities:

There are no alternative facts only actual facts. And one of the facts about facial aesthetics is that facial shape matters. As we age, our face falls. For younger patients, it may just be hollowness under the lower eyelid, which makes us look more tired than we actually feel. For older patients, the loss of facial volume causes sunken cheeks, deepened smile lines, and the appearance of marionette lines from the corner of the mouth downward, making us look unhappy at rest. Also, when lip volume thins it creates a less welcoming look and in some cases, very thin lips make us look mad. When temples hollow and brows droop it creates either an angry or quizzical look, depending on the relationship of the lateral and medial brow, or can contribute to upper eyelids looking heavier, and eyes appearing smaller.

The good news for 2108 is that I can fix these issues and return you to looking familiar and refreshed. I have been told that I am an artist with a needle and a knife. Similar to a painting, it is the vision and skill of the artist, not the paint that creates the masterpiece.  However, to create the illusion of a more youthful face, it takes more than artistic vision alone. It requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy, sensitivity to ethnic variations and age appropriate appearance, comprehensive knowledge of the various fillers, and the skill to create a look that is natural, without telegraphing that anything has been done both at rest and with animation.

As I have written before, there are a number of new hyaluronic acid fillers and other injectable products like Sculptra whose primary job is to stimulate your own collagen. With these products, I can replenish lost youthful facial volume to create a beautiful look that lasts. The best part is that there is no true healing. The treatment causes some bruising and swelling that is a temporary inconvenience, but rarely results in any true downtime. In short order, you will look more beautiful and I defy anyone to figure out exactly what you had done. This is our secret, unless of course you want to share.

With 2018 comes an opportunity to look your very best. Keep your New Year’s resolutions and when you are ready to look fabulous, give us a call and I will create a plan that meets your goals.

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Founder and Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center