Starting Somewhere

“If you don’t start somewhere, you will never get anywhere.”
 -Bob Marley
One of my greatest pleasures is to see the emotional transformation that occurs when my patients come back for their follow-up visits and say to me how great they feel, how many compliments they are receiving about their appearance, and how happy they are that they made the decision to do something about fixing the issues that bothered them. The only subtle regret that I often hear is that they only wished that they had done it sooner.
With that said, every one of us has a window of time in which to improve our appearance and enjoy it to the fullest. For many years, we are very comfortable with how we look and don’t give it much thought. Then one day we wake up and realize that we don’t love the face staring back at us in the mirror. This realization is followed by a period of adjustment to one’s new reality, followed by the thought that maybe something can be done to improve the situation. Just like any important decision, there is a natural delay while trying to figure out who to see and getting an appointment to see them. Once the consult is done, there are even more details to consider. Finally, you make a decision and schedule a time for treatment. If you are vacillating about your decision to get treated, this will add even more delay. Of course, some delay is inevitable but for some it can be years before they finally decide to “pull the trigger.” I can only say that after more than 20 years of making people look and feel great, I have never heard a patient tell me that they should have waited longer to be treated. Simply put, don’t delay. Life is too short. You will thank me for pushing you along and helping you make the best, value-driven and aesthetically correct decisions to get you loving your face once again. I will work with you to create a beautiful enhancement that looks natural and respects your budget. See you soon!
Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS
Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetic Center