To: Seth A, Yellen, MD, FACS

What can I say? I look great! Feel great! WOW! I can’t believe this is me.  My new attitude about growing old graciously has been enhanced by a younger looking me.  Would you believe that I am getting second looks? I recently met a man (59) who found me attractive and never once asked me my age. (LOL) Initially, I was extremely anxious and concerned about getting cosmetic surgery at my age (71).  I kept looking in the mirror and telling myself that I look fine, after all, I looked my age.  What’s wrong with that, I thought?  Well, my daughter kept urging me to at least have a consultation with Dr. Yellen.  I lived in another state and I didn’t want my friends and family to know that was considering this procedure.  Dr. Yellen and his staff walked me through the process.  They we patient, understanding, and assured me that I would not regret having the surgery.  All my questions were answered from pre-op, surgery and post-op.  The personal attention I received made me feel very comfortable, the knowledgeable staff was supportive, friendly and patient especially, his Surgical Assistant who literally never left my side and her soft sweet voice kept me extremely leveled.  Upon returning home, no one noticed anything differed except I looked restful and less stressed.  – Carolyn

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