Doctor of Medicine and Fine Arts.

I know about your medical training.  Based on what I see in the mirror now, I suspect your fine arts training must have focused on both sculpture and art restoration. My neck is restored to the way the creator anticipated it look at the age of 40.

I’m not sure how many physician/artists out there can sculpt with flesh and blood as well you do.  But it must be a tiny group.

Seth — I had high confidence in you — and high expectations.  The results of your work, even at this early post-surgery stage, exceed my expectations.  As my wife put it, “it’s like magic.”  We are blown away by the precision and the natural contours.

Even with the stitches and a little post-op swelling it looks fantastic.  Based on the many before/after photos you showed me — and now my results — I know I’m not an outlier.  But, apparently, you are.