Before & After Injecta-Lift™


Rejuvenate Your Face and Lift Your Confidence – In Less Than An Hour

Natural, healthy, rested, refreshed, youthful, and beautiful. Those are the adjectives I hear most from my patients following their Injecta-Lift™ procedure. After more than 20 years as one of Atlanta’s leading Facial Plastic Surgeons, I want to share with you my most effective in-office treatment to help my patients look their best. But first, a bit of background.

The peak of youthful attractiveness occurs for most people in their 20’s. After that, the earliest signs of aging begin to reveal themselves. Our lower eyelids appear to lengthen and become disconnected from our cheeks, leading to under eye hollowness making us look tired. The cheek highlight begins to flatten and our mid-face starts to lose volume. With loss of mid-face support, our lower face begins to drop, creating deepening smile lines and marionette folds from the corner of the mouth to the jawline. This eventually leads to loss of jawline definition and jowls. Add to this loss of lip fullness, definition, and proportion, and the change in facial appearance is undeniable.

These effects are predominantly due to a loss of facial bone and a loss and redistribution of facial fat. Our face changes from soft, full, and connected to a series of hills and valleys. Of course, the loss of elasticity from the sun’s UV rays and sagging due to gravity contribute to the undesirable changes we see in the mirror, and I am often correcting these concerns. But, it all starts with a change in facial shape, and unfortunately, this makes most of us look tired, sad, droopy, and old.

Now for the magic. Advances in the development of safe, effective, and long-lasting facial fillers have created a revolution in facial reshaping. Facial fillers were initially thought of as a line and wrinkle treatment; however, today they are able to replenish lost facial volume and recreate a youthful facial structure.

Creating a beautiful facial transformation is limited only by the artistry, experience, and vision of the injector. An intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and a thorough scientific understanding of modern injectable fillers are also crucial to a successful outcome. Like a great painting, it is the painter not the paintbrush that creates the masterpiece. It is critical to understand that the talents of the injector are paramount and that artistic vision is not transferable.

The Injecta-Lift™ procedure combines my artistic vision and technical skills to create a natural appearing, 3-dimensional, total facial reshaping. We transform patients in our office in a stress-free environment, using music, cold roller distraction, and Pro-Nox monitored and self-administered nitrous oxide anesthesia to create a pain-free, almost instantaneous facial rejuvenation experience that is long lasting and safe.

Like a great magician who dazzles you with an illusion, we create magic with the Injecta-Lift™ procedure, and I dare anyone to try and figure out how the trick was done!




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