Liquid Jawline Contouring

Liquid jawline contouring using injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) filler is one of the most visually impactful yet subtle facial reshaping techniques. For that reason, We have created a separate section to both discuss and display some examples of jawline enhancements that Dr. Yellin can achieve with HA fillers placed deeply on the jawbone itself. By separating this section, it will enable the viewer to focus on the shape of the jawline and appreciate its contribution to enhancing overall facial appearance without it being overlooked, as Dr. Yellin often combines injectable jawline contouring with reshaping of other facial areas during the Injectable-Lift™ procedure. Whether Dr. Yellin is improving the projection, width, or left-right symmetry of the chin, reducing the visibility of the jowls by correcting the pre-jowl sulcus (the acquired depression seen between the chin and jowl), improving the left-right symmetry of the entire jaw or widening, lowering or accentuating the jaw angle, he can accomplish a significant amount of aesthetic jawline improvement using injectable HA fillers. Also, since the fillers are placed deeply on the bone, below all of the soft tissues, the results look totally natural and often last for years.

Though there are clinical circumstances in which a surgically placed chin implant may be recommended, injectable jawline enhancement allows Dr. Yellin to artistically and non-surgically address multiple areas of the jaw that may be deficient, which can lead to improved facial symmetry not just forward chin projection or added chin width. Obviously, this technique has the advantage of being done in the office, safely, quickly and comfortably without the need for prolonged healing. In recent years, jawline injections have grown in popularity and as such, injectable filler manufacturers have developed fillers specifically designed to replace bone, whether from loss do to the aging process, congenital absence or an acquired deformity due to trauma of previous surgery. Thanks to these new developments, filler results will only continue to improve both in visual impact and in the longevity of the results.

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Before & After Photos

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