Your Consultation

Your initial consultation begins in our serene guest waiting area, where our aesthetic coordinator will greet you.

Our patient care coordinator will begin your consultation appointment by discussing your facial aesthetic concerns. To further personalize your experience, our patient care coordinator will guide you in ranking your concerns in their order of priority so that Dr. Yellin can prioritize his treatment recommendations. We encourage you to bring pictures of your younger self for Dr. Yellin’s review if you are interested in discussing facial rejuvenation. We also recommend bringing your list of medications if you did not complete the medical intake forms online.

Your unique aesthetic experience with Dr. Yellin begins with a consultation. He takes the time to listen and guide you toward a treatment plan that is specific to your individual needs. Dr. Yellin will use his expertise, artistry and cutting-edge techniques to help you realize your aesthetic goals.

Our success is your happiness.

Discussing treatment options

Dr. Yellin will begin by listening to your concerns and then proceed with a detailed aesthetic evaluation. He will then share his insights, blending his artistic eye with his unmatched clinical experience to create a customized aesthetic plan that responds to your concerns while respecting any limits you might have discussed, such as a desire to avoid general anesthesia, the timing of upcoming events, or your tolerance for downtime and recovery. Dr. Yellin will describe the details of each recommended procedure and may review clinical examples to help you appreciate the aesthetic impact of his treatment plan. You will be provided with a great deal of information, and we welcome you to bring a friend, significant other or spouse with you to your consultation for support and guidance, if desired.

Charting a financial plan

Our patient care coordinator will then return to review the planned procedure(s) and walk you through the financial plan, including itemized procedure prices, facility fees, anesthesia fees or any additional fees, if applicable. You will be provided with a copy of your treatment plan, including all financial details.

We encourage you to be open and frank about any financial limitations or budgets if the initial aesthetic plan is more costly than you are comfortable spending. It is our belief that staying within one’s budget is critical to optimizing one’s enjoyment of the aesthetic improvements Dr. Yellin will create for you. Also, if multiple procedures are recommended, as they often are, our patient care coordinator can help you prioritize the treatment plan to both respect your financial budget while still creating a modified plan that will enable you to start your aesthetic journey. 

Scheduling your procedures

You will then schedule your procedures and be on your way, looking forward to your journey towards an even more beautiful you.

To facilitate procedure scheduling, we encourage you to have your calendar with you. It is our desire to accommodate your window of availability, however, our first available appointments are often four to eight weeks out. As such, if you are planning to look great for a special occasion, we encourage you to come for your consultation at least two to three months prior for non-surgical treatments and four to six months prior for surgical procedures, to account for scheduling and recovery.

For same-day procedures

If you are coming in for a consultation and desire same-day treatment with either Botox® or injectable fillers, please notify our office when scheduling your consultation so that we can plan sufficient time together. To optimize your experience, two weeks before your appointment we recommend the following to minimize post-treatment bruising: Do not take aspirin, NSAIDs such as Aleve®, Advil® and other ibuprofen products, fish oil, vitamin E supplements (a multivitamin containing vitamin E does not need to be stopped), and any herbal products. These recommendations are also relevant if you are having a surgical procedure.