Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty uses hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers to reshape the nasal appearance, whether to correct a congenital deformity or an acquired deformity due to previous surgery or trauma. It is a logical extension of using HA fillers to reshape and restructure the face to create a more youthful, beautiful appearance. However, using injectable fillers to reshape the nose comes with some significant caveats. For starters, fillers can only add, therefore, in the vast majority of cases in which the patient has a nasal hump or an excessively high nasal dorsum (top of the nose), fillers have a limited role if any when treating these anatomic concerns. To treat a nasal hump, rhinoplasty surgery is almost always required. Also, if a nose lacks structural integrity and needs additional support to improve appearance, breathing or both, surgery will be necessary. 

There are many clinical circumstances in which injectable fillers can be used to enhance nasal appearance including if the nose is depressed on one side creating a C-shaped deformity which can make the nose look as if it is curving to the left or right, a nasal dorsum that is not straight, a nasal profile that is excessively scooped or if there is  an isolated depression in the normally smooth profile. These are all circumstances in which a liquid rhinoplasty can dramatically improve nasal appearance without the need for surgery.

The obvious appeal of this technique is that it can be done in the office safely, quickly and comfortably with the aid of a cold-roller to chill the skin prior to injection and the fact that the all the fillers that Dr. Yellin uses contain lidocaine so the patient’s nose will get a bit numb as treatment progresses. We also offer Pro-Nox, which is monitored, self-administered nitrous oxide to relax you. The key to a safely done and aesthetically pleasing  liquid rhinoplasty is to understand what this technique can achieve and just as importantly, what it can not. Injecting the upper three fifths of the nose where the skin easily slides over the underlying structures is safe, the lower two fifths, which includes the nasal tip where the skin is tightly adherent to the underlying structures, is much more high risk to inject. Also, nowhere else on the face do millimeters matter more than the nose. The difference between a beautiful nose and an unattractive nose may be as little as a couple of millimeters. Thus, meticulous injection technique is critical. We encourage you to look at our before and after images below to get an idea of how fillers can be safely employed to enhance nasal appearance.

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Before & After Photos

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