Lip Filler

Frequently, when Dr. Yellin is discussing lip filler opportunities with his patients, they will share their concerns about looking “like a duck”, “not like themself” or just plain weird. Of course we get it. Lip proportion, shape, and balance are critical to making the lips look natural and more beautiful. The lips also have to be consistent with the patients other facial features as well as their overall facial shape and ethnicity. Enhancing lips with injectable, hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers requires artistic understanding of facial beauty and proportion and the technical skill to translate one’s vision to the lips that are being injected. Unfortunately, this is not easy and many times aesthetic injectors don’t quite create the look they are going for or in some cases, the injector may not fully understand the subtle artistry of natural appearing lip enhancement. However, in other cases, patients may ask for lips that are simply not appropriate for their facial shape and the injector has to ask themself if they are willing to suspend their aesthetic judgment to serve the patients desires. In this case, the patient may telegraph to others that their lips were injected but this might be the “look” they are going for. Needless to say we can all spot lips that have been injected but no longer match the patients overall facial appearance. The good news is that today, most lip fillers are made from HA and are therefore reversible by injecting hyaluronidase. This comes in handy when a patient asks Dr. Yellin to fix a poorly done lip injection performed elsewhere. In those cases, Dr. Yellin will remove the filler, wait about a week or more and then properly inject their lips. Lastly, it is important to stress that injecting lips to improve the overall appearance of the red lip is safe and appropriate, but injecting lips as the primary treatment for age-related, vertical lip lines is is rarely a good choice and will often leave the patient with a distorted appearance.

The approach Dr. Yellin takes with lip enhancement mimics his overall approach to facial aesthetics, that is the patient’s aesthetic goals must  first be understand. With that as a starting point, Dr. Yellin will evaluate the patient’s face and then share his aesthetic opinion.  Dr. Yellin’s goal is to always respect proper lip proportion and shape when injecting; enhancing the upper lip’s M-shape, the lower lip’s W-shape, the white roll, philtral ridges and Cupid’s bow when necessary. The final result should complement the face but never telegraph that something was done to alter the lips. Another useful feature of injecting lips with HA fillers is that it provides millimeter control allowing improvement of underlying asymmetries when they exist. In every case, natural appearing lips is Dr. Yellin’s mantra. Of course, younger patients can benefit from a fuller lip when compared to older individuals. Those who’s features are larger can aesthetically support fuller lips and as a rule the lower lip should never be smaller than the upper lip. However, Dr. Yellin uses his artistic and technical skills in the service of his patients and if they desire a lip that is a fuller than his personal aesthetic, but within the bounds of their overall age, ethnicity, and appearance, he will strive to deliver the look that they are seeking. 

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