At 64 years of age, my skin had become dull and full of age spots and wrinkles. My eyes looked so tired and to be honest, I just felt OLD!

I initially went in for a consultation with Dr. Yelin hoping to get filler for the tear trough area and possibly filler for deep lip lines.

The moment I met Dr. Yellin, I was impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and his ability to look at me and come up with a plan to improve my skin and overall appearance. Dr. Yellin took a great amount of time explaining what he thought would be most beneficial to me. His staff is also second to none! They are so very kind and very knowledgeable, as well.
Dr Yellin recommended a total facial C02 laser resurfacing, fillers for the tear trough and lip area and upper and lower blepharoplasty. There was no pressure to get any or all done. The procedures and costs were fully explained and the decision was mine to do any or all.

In the end, I opted to do all of the procedures Dr. Yellin recommended and I have never been happier! My skin looks and feels like it did in my 30’s. My eyes are brighter and I don’t look tired all of the time. I can never thank Dr. Yellin enough for his expertise! I look forward to a continued relationship with this practice and I highly recommend Dr. Yelin and his staff!

For the last 30 plus years, the bags under my eyes were not only visually unappealing but also perceptibly increasing my age. As a professional consultant– COVID changed how we interact with clients. My entire day is spent on either Teams or Zoom interacting with clients. As male one may not care, but no matter what I did with lighting and camera position, my face was my face. After appointments with 2 plastic surgeons, I chose Dr. Seth Yellin. In contrast to the other plastic surgeon, Dr. Yellin physically spent an hour and half with me. He took the time to listen and understand the change that was important to me. After a meticulous analysis of my face– Dr. Yellin takes me into his personal office to view before and after photos of the procedures discussed. After this appointment there was no doubt who would be performing surgery on my face.

I had the CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, upper blepharoplasty, and facial filler procedures. Although no one can tell that I had surgery, I can only smile when I get complements on how great I look. The entire staff at Dr. Yellin’s office are world class dedicated and caring medical professionals in every way. For all the guys on the fence, like I was for many years, it is literally a jubilant feeling when I look at my face on Teams, Zoom or in a mirror! I highly recommend Dr. Yellin and his amazing staff.

I actually give Dr. Seth Yellin and his wonderful team 10 stars!

I had full face C02 laser resurfacing 2 months ago performed by Dr. Yellin. I am beyond ecstatic with the results, way, way better than I had ever expected. My friends tell me I now look 15 years younger! Plus I have continued improvement to look forward to over time. The deep wrinkles around my eyes and cheeks are gone or now minimal. My skin is tight and smooth.

The entire experience was so positive. Dr. Yellin and his amazing team prepared me extremely well for the post operative experience. I followed all their instructions so there were no surprises and most of all I was not overwhelmed. I knew what to expect and was prepared. I was very pleasantly surprised that I did not experience pain, certainly discomfort.
The procedure does require post operative diligent and somewhat time consuming care for the first 10 days. I was prepared for this and took the opportunity to allow myself some downtime.

This procedure does require a highly trained , knowledgeable professional. I would not have let anyone but Dr. Yellin perform this procedure. I now feel I look on the outside how I feel on the inside (-:

Dr. Yellin is an exceptional clinician and gifted in the management of facial aesthetics to create the most natural enhancements. My outcome is that I look much younger, but so subtle my staff commented that my long overdue vacation made me look ten years younger.

Thank you Dr.Yellin and your excellent staff!