Lips: “just make them a little bit bigger”

Matte, sheer, shimmer, gloss, stain: lipstick is annually a four-billion-dollar business in the United States alone! Lips can make a face look welcoming and friendly or angry and mean. A downturned mouth can look sad. But nothing says youth like a full, pouty lower lip. However, not everyone is blessed with well-proportioned lips and as we age, lips often thin and the beautiful cupid’s bow shape flattens.

We have all seen crazy looking lips on both Hollywood stars and women in our everyday lives. It seems as though they are all trying to recapture their lost youth with misguided, overly done lips.

Fear not! Fillers don’t cause people to look weird, aesthetic injectors who lack a sense of proportion and aesthetic judgment do.

It’s time to welcome back your kissable, sexy lips. Creating a natural, proportionate, age-appropriate, and subtle lip enhancement is what I do. Keep it a secret if you wish, or tell your friends and family. It will be up to you.

You may notice people smiling more at you or striking up a conversation in a public space. It’s not your imagination. You will send out friendly vibes. When you see your before and after photos it will be undeniable. You will simply look better, more refreshed, and friendlier.

If you have always wanted fuller lips or if you feel you have lost your youthful, friendly look, it is time to sit down and talk. However, I will not be pressured by you to “just make them a little bit bigger.” My promise is that I will always keep you looking natural, proportional, and like you.

 Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Founder and Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center