Frequently Asked Questions

What is “cosmetic” and what is “reconstructive”?
A procedure is considered to be “cosmetic” when the patient chooses to enhance or change a part of the body that is functioning normally. In contrast, a “reconstructive” procedure is based on a medical need to correct a part of the body in order to restore normal function or appearance.

Is plastic surgery right for me?
Surgical procedures are the right solution in some cases and for some patients. In other situations, a non-surgical procedure could be the answer. Our goal is to help you enjoy who you see when you look in the mirror. Our aim is not necessarily to perform surgery on every patient, but rather to apply the right combination of our skills and services in each patient’s best interests.

We invite you to call 770-425-7575 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yellin.

What do these procedures cost and will my insurance cover it?
For cosmetic procedures, your initial cosmetic consultation with Dr. Yellin is $200 and  Kelly Houmand, PA-C is $100.  These fees will be applied toward any service with the consulting provider for up to year after consultation. Your initial skincare consultation with our Medical Aestheticians is complimentary.

The cost of each procedure or treatment depends on a number of factors. The best way to determine the cost of the procedure is to visit us for a consultation.  Pricing for any one of our procedures can be discussed in advance with our Aesthetic Coordinator.

Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance. Reconstructive procedures are usually covered by insurance.

Please call our office at 770-425-7575 to learn more about your specific questions.