Aging, Decade-by-Decade

Aesthetic Recommendations, Decade-by-Decade:

While my team and I are experts at keeping you looking great, it is the resulting emotional uplift that makes all we do worthwhile. Studies have shown that if we like the way we look, it improves self-confidence, promotes healthy habits, and can even add years to our lives!

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS
Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 20’s

For many of us, this is our most beautiful or handsome time of life. Develop good skincare habits. Daily sun protection and Retinol are a great starting point. Visit a medical aesthetician bi-annually (like visiting the dental hygienist) and get facials to optimize skin health. If you suffer with acne, we will work with our dermatologists at Marietta Dermatology to get your skin healthy again. Injectable fillers to create fuller lips and Botox to prevent the early formation of lines most commonly in the forehead and between the eyebrows is logical and becoming more commonplace. For some, congenital puffiness under the eyes is a surgically correctable problem and removing small amounts of excess fat from inside the lower eyelid (no visible scar) is recommended. Addressing cosmetic nasal concerns with rhinoplasty is also very common and is ideally done at a younger age so that an individual’s confidence is optimized at this vital time of life. Rhinoplasty has been called the most challenging cosmetic procedure. There is no room for error, no way to hide imperfections, the nose must look good and also function well and the results must last a lifetime. Dr. Yellin’s training, experience, artistry and great attention to detail are on full display when he performs rhinoplasty allowing him to achieves consistently beautiful outcomes.

Laser hair removal (LHR) is also gaining popularity for younger patients. Not having to shave one’s underarms, legs, or bikini area is a time saver and for patients with sensitive skin, it eliminates unsightly razor rash and reduces folliculitis. LHR is appropriate throughout our lives but works best to reduce unwanted hair growth when the hair is darker than the skin.

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 30’s

Life is busy. Working and raising a family means time is in short supply. Modeling good skin health practices keeps skin looking great and teaches children by example. If you have developed some hyperpigmentation, often precipitated by pregnancy, consider BBL (Broad Band Light) treatments. For that little bit of excess neck fat that can cause a double chin, try Kybella or CoolSculpting. It is now well established and common to prevent and treat unwanted expression lines for people in their 30’s with Botox. It works particularly well to smooth the skin since elasticity remains intact. Injectable fillers are appropriate to subtly shape the face, particularly in the cheeks and under the eyes to correct hollowness, which makes us look less tired, even if you are not getting enough rest. Fillers can also correct a weak chin thus improving the profile and may also improve the neck contour as well. Lastly, laser hair removal is recommended (see 20’s section).

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 40’s

There is no confusing who is the mom when looking at a beautiful 40-something woman and her 20 year old daughter. It is not that the mom’s face is wrinkled or sagging, but it is the noticeable change in facial shape, due to a loss and redistribution of facial volume, that makes it clear who is older (and wiser). It is this loss of midface width and connectedness and the changes around the mouth that are best corrected with injectable fillers. Dr. Yellin’s Injecta-Lift™ procedure can non-surgically replenish lost facial volume and will create long-lasting, facial reshaping, making you look younger and in many cases, more attractive. It is also very common for the upper eyelids to get heavy in our 40’s, causing the eyes to look small. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty will correct this. It is a commonly performed surgical procedure that is done with local anesthesia and oral Xanax, a relaxing medication, in our office in about 45 minutes. Though it is a straightforward procedure to perform, consistently beautiful results require artistic vision and meticulous surgical technique. The results will give you a brighter, more open-eyed look reminiscent of the younger you, without changing your brow shape or position and may last for 3 decades or more! If your eyelashes or brows are beginning to thin, we recommend Latisse. It works on everyone to create longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Early neck and jawline laxity are often best addressed with either non-invasive Ultherapy to address minimum skin laxity, performed by our aestheticians, or for more noticeable skin laxity, minimally invasive Profound RF performed by Dr. Yellin. Profound RF improves the skin’s elasticity and  can be combined with injectable collagen stimulators which thicken the skin to truly rejuvenate the the neck and jawline. Profound RF can also be combined with neck liposuction, with or without neck muscle tightening, to create even more dramatic results and eliminate the need for skin removal or big scars in the properly selected patient. For that tough to get rid of fatty bulge around the middle (the muffin top) or around the bra strap or thighs, CoolSculpting has proven to be a reliable, non-invasive treatment alternative that permanently eliminates up to 25% of the fat cells, in the treated area, with each treatment session. It is not meant as a weight reduction tool but should be thought of as a body sculpting technique as the name implies. Lastly, laser hair removal is recommended (see 20’s section).

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 50’s

No matter how young you feel, looking older becomes a reality. Facial volume loss continues at an accelerated rate, which makes us look tired and drawn. Fortunately, Dr. Yellin’s Injecta-Lift™ procedure can artistically replenish lost facial volume without surgery, to create long-lasting, global aesthetic enhancement.  As this decade progresses, lower face and neck sagging becomes a common fixation for many patients that often requires more definitive surgical procedures to correct, such as a lower face and neck lift. Dr. Yellin’s facelift technique, developed over more than 25 years in practice, creates a natural, refreshed look that some have said makes them look “photoshopped” while still looking like themselves. It is often combined with selected areas of laser skin resurfacing, such as the lower eyelids and around the mouth, to improve lines and wrinkles. Once healed, patients are encouraged to re-assess their make-up and hairstyle  given their new look and to visit with the aestheticians to address unwanted red and brown pigment using various laser and non-laser light procedures. BBL (Broad Band Light) therapy will often be recommended to stimulate the skin’s collagen production which will help maintain your surgical results. It is also a good time to determine what skin care regime is best for you. Lastly, laser hair removal is recommended (see 20’s section).

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 60’s

This is the tipping point decade when many people start looking much older if they do nothing at all. Breakdown of skin elasticity is a common theme. More advanced facial lines and wrinkles are often a significant concern requiring full face CO2 laser skin resurfacing. Early in this decade is the optimum time to consider more dramatic interventions. Many of the laser and surgical procedures will last 15+ years, so looking great throughout your 60’is absolutely achievable. It is often necessary to perform procedures to improve upper eyelid drooping, lower eyelid puffiness and lower face and neck sagging. The Injecta-Lift™ procedure is also frequently employed to create non-surgical enhancement or to complement surgical results. For men and women who are exclusively focused on improving their sagging necks and are wanting an alternative to a facelift, Dr. Yellin may suggest a direct neck lift.

Aging, Decade-by Decade: 70’s

As long as you remain reasonably healthy, the desire to look good continues. If you cared at 40, you will still care at 70. Most often patients say that they don’t want to look younger, but do want to look good for their age and often want less invasive options. Dr. Yellin’s Injecta-Lift™ procedure is frequently recommended. Volume replenishment at any age make us look healthier, refreshed, and vibrant. Office based interventions such as CO2 laser skin resurfacing, blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) and direct neck lifts are frequently recommended. Modifying make-up is also important. More is not better. Make-up should enhance not hide. Also, though lighter hair color is recommended, one must guard against getting so light that the hair ceases to properly frame the face. Which is actually its most important aesthetic benefit.

Aging, Decade-by-Decade: 80’s

Though patients in this decade are less frequently focused on aesthetics, there is a growing subset who are living long, healthier lives, staying fit and wanting to look good. My philosophy and approach to those in their ninth decade mirror my recommendations for those in their eighth decade. Some of my most satisfying surgical rejuvenation cases have been on women in their 80’s. A couple of patients’ stories stand out. One patient who had full facial rejuvenation surgery at age 83 sent me a card when she turned 100 telling me that she was still looking good and how much happiness she has derived from her surgery. The other patient had complete surgical facial rejuvenation at age 80 and at her one year follow-up visit, her husband told me that he finally had his “trophy wife.” Now that says it all!