Timing is Everything

Recently, I had a patient ask me when is the best time to start Botox , fillers, and other treatments. The usual answer is when something bothers you about your facial appearance, seek out advice from a facial plastic surgeon and get their opinion. Though that seems like sound advice, it really misses the mark. The truth is that we now have the ability to delay our pre-programmed biological aging.  So if you wait for a problem to occur, you have missed a real opportunity to look and feel healthier and more attractive for longer. If done right, little things that we do today will have a cumulative and meaningful impact on our lives for years to come. We all know that regular exercise leading to fitness will help us feel better in the moment and, will keep us more active and mobile as we age. Likewise, eating properly portioned, nutritionally healthy foods will enable us to feel energized throughout the day and help us maintain an ideal weight which optimizes our health. It’s the small choices we make on a daily basis that will have a significant long term impact on our wellness. Of course there is a bit of good genetic luck involved, but we do what we can to stack the deck in our favor.

Likewise, it is the choices we make daily that will keep our skin looking healthy and youthful. Avoiding excess sun, eating well, using topical sunscreen, a retinoid, antioxidants, peptides and getting professional skin treatments will keep our skin looking its best. Using BotoxÒ to treat unwanted lines related to facial expression is great too. But it works even better as a preventative treatment. By relaxing the appropriate muscles, you can prevent a line from ever forming. In fact, if a line forms, it is often impossible to remove completely, so why let it form in the first place? As for fillers, if you can counteract the natural loss of facial bone and fat loss that predictably occurs with aging, the skin will be supported. This will lessen the under eye hollowness that makes us look tired, deep nasolabial creases that so many of my patients complain about, marionette lines that makes it look as if our mouths turn down, giving us an angry expression and many other unwanted facial lines and folds. Simply put, proper facial shape and volume will keep us looking younger and more vibrant. Starting early will not only make you look better, but may avoid the dramatic changes that can occur after large volume filler treatment, which may tip off others that something has been done. Lastly, the latest generation of energy based devices, such as non-invasive Ultherapy and minimally invasive ThermiRF, deliver radiofrequency energy beneath the skin to tighten and lift without scarring. Tightening your face and neck before it starts to obviously droop will keep you looking younger longer and will stave off more invasive surgical interventions for years to come.

Keeping you naturally more beautiful is our goal. To learn more about the benefits of these and many other treatments and techniques designed to keep you looking your best, call today for a consultation. I will be happy to spend the time to educate you about the treatment options that are best for you.

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery Laser & Aesthetics Center