May Newsletter 2024

May 1, 2024

From the Corner Office

Have you ever experienced that jolt of surprise when a beloved character on TV suddenly appears drastically different after a long hiatus? It’s like seeing an old friend after years apart, only to find that they’ve been altered in ways you never imagined. This phenomenon has become all too common in the entertainment industry, sparking conversations about aging, authenticity, and the pressures of staying youthful in the spotlight.

One such recent example is the return of the iconic series Sex and the City, which made its triumphant comeback after nearly two decades and recently dropped on Netflix. Fans eagerly awaited the reunion with Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte, only to find themselves taken aback by the noticeable changes in appearance among the cast. While some aging is inevitable and even embraced by viewers as a reflection of real life, the drastic alterations seen on screen left many scratching their heads and wondering: What happened?

It’s no secret that Hollywood has long been obsessed with youth and beauty. The pressure to maintain a flawless facade in front of the camera can drive even the most seasoned actors to extreme measures. From cosmetic enhancements to surgical procedures, the quest for eternal youth has led many down a slippery slope, often resulting in a loss of authenticity and individuality.

What’s truly unsettling is when these interventions are performed with a disregard for the natural aging process, leaving individuals looking more like caricatures than their true selves. It’s a stark reminder of the dangers of chasing an idealized image of beauty, one that prioritizes perfection over authenticity.

But amidst the sea of artificially preserved faces, there are those faces that look rejuvenated and attractive thanks to tastefully done aesthetic surgery and non-surgical interventions. My preferred aesthetic is the natural, beautiful appearance of my patients, without telegraphing to others what has been done. Thanks to my artistic vision, experience, and myriad aesthetic tools and techniques, a natural appearance is not just achievable, but expected every time.

So, the next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and longing for a look that is both age-appropriate and refreshed, call to schedule a consultation if you are a new patient. If you have already had a consultation, now is the time to call to schedule your recommended aesthetic procedures. Every day you wait is one day less that you will enjoy looking your best.

Stay healthy, active, and beautiful!

Seth A. Yellin, MD, FACS

Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center

From the West Cobb Office

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our lovely moms! I can say from experience, that as a mom of young girls, it is sometimes hard to take the time to do anything for yourself. But if you are looking for some you time to take a step away and relax, book a service with one of our aestheticians. Nothing like a good facial or diamond glow to get you feeling your best!

Also if you are looking to get your injectable treatment before your trips this summer, keep in mind the downtime that is possible to injectables. It will take two weeks for your Botox or dysport to fully kick in. We don’t recommend flying or trips one to two weeks after filler treatment to minimize complications. So plan accordingly! While I love to do your treatment when you want it, I also want you to have a good experience with the healing process to minimize complications.

Kelly A. Houmand, MMS, PA-C

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